Slate Valley Farms
Address: 142 Beecher Road Granville, NY, 12832
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Phone: 518-642-3265
About Us
Slate Valley Farms produces traditional and modern New York maple syrup products, raw wildflower honey and beeswax goods. All of our products are harvested and processed on our beautiful family farm in Granville, New York.
At Slate Valley Farms we believe protecting our maple trees and mountain trails is our most important mission. We work our woodland trails gently and bring as little impact to our dense maple forest as possible.

With the help of our farmers markets we have bottled more maple syrup and honey in reusable glass jars than ever before! We have a steady stream of customers that return their glass packaging and can get it refilled rather than buying plastic jug syrup every time they purchase. We are very happy with the mason jar return program and our customers love it also!