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Contact: Debbie & Peter Testa
Address: 600 Franklin Street Suite 104 Schenectady, NY, 12305
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Phone: 518-669-3755
About Us
When you are born into a family that owns and cultivates an olive grove as Peter was, you become accustomed to eating the freshest foods with the purest ingredients. This is what you expect from all of your sustenance throughout life, no matter where life brings you. This is also what you bring to a business that bears your name–pride in sharing your appreciation for the best of earth’s bounty.

When you purchase from Testa’s Pantry you are assured of purchasing olive oils and balsamic vinegars of Modena that have been procured from trusted, well-established and reputable producers, either directly or through suppliers who have traveled the world sourcing the very finest products from some of the oldest and the most traditional olive oil and balsamic vinegar producing families.
Single grove-grown (monocultivar), extra virgin olive oils have powerful, distinct flavors that vary by growth region and harvest date. Yet, for that powerful taste, they are surprisingly light and smooth, sometimes fruity and sweet and sometimes buttery or peppery, with no bitterness or acrid after taste. They are always first cold-pressed, which produces oils that are light in texture with a moderate flavor intensity.

Our extra virgin olive oils are produced by small farms, or imported by distributors, that implement rigorous quality control systems in the production process. In addition to being SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level 2 (Food Safety) certified, every one of our products is thoroughly tested and guaranteed to meet strict IOC (International Olive Council) quality standards and even higher internal standards for freshness and taste.