What's Poppin
Address: 1814 Central Avenue Albany, NY, 12205
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About Us
In 2016, O’Toole’s Restaurant Pub decided to acquire the space next door where Hobby Town once resided. The plan was to add a private party space and utilize the remaining area for a small retail shop to offer O’Toole’s merchandise. In addition, we asked ourselves “What else, what does our area lack/want?”

Great gourmet popcorn!

This is when the research began. We soon learned that to find the best popcorn shops, we’d have to visit Chicago; the “popcorn capital”. While in Chicago, we experienced the best tasting popcorn and quickly uncovered the secrets of the trade. We decided to adopt a little something from each store we visited and bring Chicago to Albany, NY (with a twist).

The flavors, the gifts, the themes; the possibilities are endless…

We equipped our store with sophisticated, commercial poppers; and we started poppin! After perfecting several flavors, we found ourselves frequently asking “what’s poppin’ today“? Hence the name “What’s Poppin” was born.
Our store opened May 1st, 2018 with one goal in mind. To provide the best quality popcorn at prices affordable to all.

In addition to great gourmet popcorn flavors, we offer mixed popcorn gift bags, themed popcorn tins (including local and national sports teams) and favors for all occasions. You can create your own unique mix and theme; whether a treat for yourself or a great gift for someone special.