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Whalen’s Horseradish Products was started in 1925 by Frank Whalen in Ballston Spa, NY. Back in the day distribution was to-your-door, delivered by horse and wagon ladled directly into your steel dispenser in your milk box. Through the years, Whalen’s has evolved but has remained true to its roots. Whalen’s offers a wide variety of products available through local retailers, online and at our kitchen outlet store in Galway, NY.

Tim “Rootman” Bibens is the current owner who purchased the business from his first cousin “Radish” Dan Bell. Tim relocated the business down the road to his and Dan’s mother’s home town of Galway (they were sisters and best friends) thus being true to their roots. Tim is honored to carry on the traditions of those before him. Tim’s professional background is in quality, design and manufacturing services in highly regulated industries. Most auditors leave Whalen’s with a smile on their face and a tear in their eye.
Commercial horseradish typically uses “field roots” or “stringers”. Bails of stringers are washed and loaded onto a conveyor to be fed into the “mashing” unit which crushes the horseradish into a fine paste that is then set in vinegar, water and salt. All imperfections are ground in with the root (and believe me, there are some serious imperfections). Only the white fleshy part of the root is activated in the grinding process so much of the commercial horseradish consist of elements of the root that do not produce heat.

Whalen’s uses only US Grade 1 “Fancy” root from Collinsville, IL - the horseradish capital of the world. We purchase in 50 lb bags, 1000 lbs at a time. The roots are trimmed, chopped and peeled by hand. Once peeled, the horseradish is put through the grinder one chunk at a time. Our medium grind gives our horseradish more texture (not a cream or a paste). The ground horseradish is then put into a barrel of brine (water, a small amount of salt and citric acid). Whalen’s never uses vinegar as even the most pure vinegar has a taste and will spoil. Whalen’s proprietary process ensures you get the freshest, hottest pure horseradish known to mankind. Our ground root goes straight from the barrel to the bottle for resale or into the blender to make our other fine products.