Collar City Mushrooms
Address: 333 Second Ave Troy, NY, 12182
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Phone: 518-244-5252
About Us
Growing locally farmed, all-natural, fresh, gourmet, nutraceutical mushrooms is our primary focus. We sell to walk in customers, restaurant clients, food pantries, and small independent grocery stores.

Mushrooms are the past, mushrooms are the present, and mushrooms will be the way of the future! The health benefits, the ecological benefits, and the societal benefits are just now beginning to be researched. We are excited to be riding this wave of discovery while bringing local fresh mushrooms to the Capital Region and beyond.

Troy is a city working towards bearing amazing fruit. Collar City Mushrooms is going to be a hub of connectivity between the many urban gardens, blossoming artists, and creative entrepreneurs making this city a wonderful place to enjoy.
The fungi kingdom includes life forms that can offer nutrients, that include healthful medicinal properties, that can mycoremediate petroleum based wastes, that enrich and renew soils, that can induce mind altering spiritual growth, and that can be used as building materials, textiles, and biodegradable packaging. Understanding the mushroom and the way it interacts with its environment will help us save ourselves and the way we live.