Norsemen Farms
Address: 1069 Big Burch Hill Road Granville, NY, 12832
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About Us
Norsemen Farms has been raising Heritage breeds since 2014. We feed people who believe eating the best meats are key factors to a long life and the best health. The Farm produces the most sought-after Heritage Breeds: Fullblood Japanese Waygu & Scottish Belted Galloway Beef, Berkshire & Hereford Pork and Freedom Ranger Chickens. We decided that if producing the highest quality meat possible is our goal, then there was no choice other than the Japanese Waygu breed. “Meat like your Nan and Pop ate!”

We started by securing one hundred and seventy acres in Washington County, New York including the original farmhouse built in 1854 as well as a small dairy barn with a silo attached to the house. As of spring 2016, we have been operating on about 350 acres.

We raise all of our animals as close to the standard of organic as possible, while using antibiotics only in an emergency and not as a common practice. We believe success can only be achieved by clean, natural, sustainable and earth-friendly stewardship of the land and animals when attempting to bring a product to market that demands premium pricing.

We employ the rotational grazing methods on 80 acres and supplement with hay from our own hayfields and leased holdings. At no time will we use any chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers on any of the land we manage. All animals are treated with respect, dignity and enjoy the highest standard of living that we can humanly provide for them.