The Furies Olive Oil
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City: Niskayuna, NY,
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About Us
Nestled between the mountains on one side and the Ionian Sea on the other is the Achaia region in the northern part of the Peloponnese. The Furies Olive Oil is exclusively cultivated from this region where fresh water from the mountains supplies natural irrigation and long, hot summers and mild winters offer an ideal climate. We go to Greece for the early harvest in November. We get to know the farmers, we help with collection, and are present during milling and bottling. The mill is family owned and has been in operation for 4 generations. Pristine conditions and state of the art equipment are used to mechanically extract the juice from the olives.

The Furies is grounded in the belief that health and wellness flow naturally from whole, pure foods and time spent with those we love. That belief is reflected in the integrity of our process: we use only organic, fresh ingredients and are committed to sustainability every step of the way.

Special care is taken during the harvest to minimize stress to the fruit. Hand collection, cold water, and mechanical extraction protects the olives and produces the finest quality oil with exceptionally low acidity (0.2%).

Certified Organic by Hellenic DIO, Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products and is USDA Organic.

It is ISO 22000 certified for International Quality Standards.