Three Chicks and a P
Address: 314 Princetown Road Rotterdam, NY, 12306
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About Us
In May 2011, 3 Chicks and a P was born. Jennifer and Matt have 2 children, Olivia and Sophia. When trying to decide on a name, Matt suggested 3 Chicks and a P. "You, Sophia and Olivia are 3 chicks and P stands for me...Paniccia." It was perfect.

Both Jennifer and Matt grew up in a house surrounded by food and family. It was only natural they decided to create a product that created an warm atmosphere with food, family and fun. 3 Chicks and a P specializes in fresh, homemade, tahini-free hummus. We also make pestos, bean dips, tapenades, and salsas.

We only use fresh-squeezed lemons in our hummus. None of that artificial juice in a bottle.

We support small business. We purchase all our packaging from local suppliers and use freshly grown herbs from local farmers when in season and available. We never use dried herbs.