Two Rock Ranch
Contact: Emily Vincent & Erik Zantopp
Address: 78 Turner Road Berne, NY, 12023
Email Address:
Phone: 707-364-7547
About Us
We started on a small farm in Petaluma, California. One day our roommate at the time said that George Lucas had five pet Barbados sheep that he wanted give to a good home. Since we had some spare space and some weeds we thought that they would be a great addition! A few weeks later we were asked if we wanted a "couple" more. A "couple" turned out to be 55. We quickly sought out sheep mentors and began birthing out lambs.

We moved to New York in 2013 with our sheep to begin farming on a more serious level. A month before we moved we purchased additional stock from California and then we heavily invested in top Registered Purebred White Dorper Breeding Stock from all over the US. Currently, our farm is the only Registered White Dorper Breeders in NY. We take great pride in the fact that we brought home First Place in Fall Ewe Lambs at the Big E in 2019. Our first show experience ever... beating out some of the top breeders in the US! Showing our Registered Stock proves to us that we are on the right path as an independent sheep expert evaluates them.

Our pastures are now home to over 200 White Dorper sheep and our ewes raise over 200 lambs per year!
We now use Flock54℠ , a targeted genotyping panel, that allows us to test our flock’s DNA for animal parentage and traits associated with disease (like Scrapie, OPP resistance, Callipyge (double muscling), Dermatosparaxis), fertility, production and meat quality. All of our lambs are microchipped and electronically weighed for average daily gain numbers. Hard data helps guide our breeding and culling decisions.

All sheep are sold vaccinated for CD&T and CL. We perform these vaccines yearly on all of our animals. We also provide a vet check with every sheep sale. While we certainly do not sell the "cheapest" sheep on the East Coast (our pricing is in line with national pricing), we believe that we sell the best breeding stock on the East Coast and that will equate to profitability for a shepherd starting in or adding to their own White Dorpers.

In line with our values, we partner with the Natural Resources Conservation Services and also Albany County Soil and Water to conserve our property. This included installing an elaborate rotational grazing system, a new 25 gpm well, auto-watering systems in each pasture, and placing some of our acreage into permanent conservation to provide nesting grounds and a safe habitat for birds and other wildlife.

We are participants in NYSSGHAP (New York State Sheep/ Goat Health Assurance Program) which looks to increase the herd's/flock’s health, productivity, assure food safety, public health, and consumer confidence in animal agriculture, and promote environmental stewardship.

This finally brings us to our New York Grown and Certified Status and we are proud that we are the first sheep farm in New York State to be Grown and Certified!