KOBO Candles
Contact: Junko & Louis Kobori
City: Saratoga Springs, NY,
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About Us
KOBO Pure Soy Candles are made of domestically grown, environmentally sustainable soybeans. This creates the cleanest burning medium and an excellent level of fragrance yield. We use enviro-safe cotton wicks to provide a pure and clean flame. Each and every candle is hand-poured in our family-run facility near Saratoga Springs, New York.

For optimum performance, burn candle for 2-5 hours at a time. This will allow the candle to create a wide burn pool and melt evenly. As the candle melts down, it will create a burn pool to the edges of the glass. This is the desired effect.
Our candles are free of additives, dyes, phthalates, or oil based petroleum products.

The wax is 100% pure soy wax, GMO-free, lead-free, vegan, domestically grown, biodegradable, clean-burning (doesn't produce black soot or leave a residue on surfaces), longer-burning than petroleum and paraffin wax, non-toxic, and safe for children and pets and easily cleans up with soap and water.