Adirondack Beverages
Address: 701 Corporations Park Scotia, NY, 12302
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About Us
A Company Overview

The Plants: Two modern facilities one located in Scotia, NY, the other in Worcester MA. Together we have over 1,000,000 square feet of bottling/warehousing available with ten high-speed state of the industry bottling/canning lines.

Variety: In addition to producing traditional carbonated soft drinks, Adirondack also produces spring water, purified water, flavored spring and purified water beverages, flavored sparkling waters, flavored seltzers, energy drinks, and a variety of non-carbonated beverages. We bottles in a number of size packages in both PET and aluminum cans.

Quality Control: Our Quality Assurance Department consists of two laboratories - a Quality Control Laboratory and a Microbiological Laboratory. Highly trained technicians are responsible for every phase of our operation -- from raw material receipt, to production, to full product shipment.
Aquifer Water: Since water is over 86% of any soft drink it obviously is a very important ingredient. Our water is among the purest in the world. The precious Adirondack Aquifer was created thousands of years ago when ice age glaciers shaped the huge underground reservoirs that hold and protect these pure, cold (54°) crystalline clear waters. Adirondack is one of the few soft drinks you can buy that is not made with municipal water. Our water is naturally pure and naturally sodium free.

Spring Water: We source our spring water from two springs located in the nearby Green Mountains of Vermont within easy trucking distance of our Scotia bottling facility. Both sources are approved by the New York State Health Department and undergo rigorous testing in our own on-site microbiological laboratory and by outside laboratories to meet the water analysis requirements of all 50 states. The spring water is naturally free from sodium and chlorine. Prior to production on one of our two Health Department-approved bottled water production lines, the water is micro-filtered and ozonated to insure the highest quality possible.