Sweet Sprig
Contact: Leah LaFera
City: Schenectady, NY,
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About Us
Crafting skincare as an art through hand-made, luxurious, and all-natural soaps, candles and body products.
Sweet Sprig has been providing a more natural and luxurious skincare experience since 1997. Leah LaFera, Owner and Soapsmith of Sweet Sprig, has always had a passion for creation. Motivated by the desire to create, she began crafting her own all-natural body soaps at the age of 14. For the past 24 years of experimenting with different botanical materials, the soap business has expanded to include candles and artisan bath and body products.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Art, Leah parlays her education and personal passion into the design, creation and testing of every product. As a dedicated environmentalist, she believes the products we put on and into our bodies should be gentle for ourselves as well as the planet. That’s why every product uses only plant-based ingredients that are always cruelty-free and designed to minimize waste.

Leah puts her heart and soul into every design to create long-lasting scents and unique botanical combinations. By using her products, she hopes every customer treats their mind and soul while nourishing and hydrating the body.